Thursday, June 22, 2017

Blood Urine Hair Cleansing Program

Entire Body Will Be 100% Toxin Free Upon Program Completion! If you are not sure of the type of test you are going to be subjected to, or want to completely cleanse your whole body this cleansing kit is for you.
Blood Urine Hair Detox Kit
Cleansing Program includes a ten day supply of PRE-TOX Master Concentrated Capsules, All Natural Herbal Clean Master Tea, a 32 oz bottle of QCARBO 1 SHOT - SUPER CLEANSING FORMULA, one bottle of Get Clean Shampoo, one Home Test Kit and one package of Quick Fizz Detox Tablets.

With this Complete Cleansing Program you have combined strongest shampoo with Permanent programs to cleanse your system forever. Your hair, urine and blood will be permanently cleansed unless toxins are re-introduced into the body.


Start your pre-cleanse program by taking 3 capsules of PreTox Master Concentrated caps every 4 hours for the first 6 days. Drink at least two cups of Herbal Clean Master Tea per day up until the day when you desire to be clean.

On the day of your dead line: Shake and drink the entire 32 oz. bottle of QCarbo 1 Shot at a comfortable yet consistent pace. Over the next half hour, it is important to relax and allow your body to eliminate fluids and toxins by urinating frequently. Product will be most effective from 1 to 7 hours after drinking.

Test yourself with included THC MARIJUANA TEST DEVICE (usage instructions are included). If desired results are not obtained, ONE HOUR PRIOR!!! the time you desire to be clean, drop one Quick Fizz tablet into 20 ounces of water and let the tablet dissolve and drink it down. Wait 15 minutes. Drop the second Quick Fizz tablet into 20 ounces of water, let the tablet dissolve and drink it down. Quick Fizz will be effective in one hour and lasts for up to 5 hours. Use Urine Luck Get Clean Shampoo TWO hours prior your deadline. Shake the bottle well before use. Apply about half of the bottle to wet hair, massage it thoroughly into your hair for 10 minutes and let the shampoo stand in hair for next 20 minutes...

☛ Blood Urine Hair Cleansing Program ✔

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