Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ways to Pass Hair Drug Test

There are so many hair drug testing ways to pass hair drug test, it all depends on how well you can handle them without being caught in the act, the basic steps you can use for this purpose include; Flushing, Diluting, Making, adulterating, abstaining, and Handling the paper works. Without these types of handling, it will be virtually impossible to use hair drug testing ways to pass a drug test without being caught and once you can make use of these types of ways, you will be off the hook

Ways to Pass Hair Drug Test

Adulteration is one way of adding some substances to your sample to make it give up a false result. Though this could be easier for urine and saliva test, it could be a little harder for hair testing because, You can adulterate your hair sample by dye it or simply washing with a slightly acidic substances that will alter its pH level. Substituting is a very dangerous procedure to consider when looking for hair drug testing ways to pass hair drug test, substituting your sample hair with another person’s will help you pass the test (that is if you know the source of the hair you are using to replace yours).

Masking is another hard method that can be used to pass a drug hair test, you can take some ibuprofen or aspirin few days to hair test and ensure that consume lots of water to flush out drug residues, Making your sample with Aspirin and Ibuprofen as a matter of fact can help hide the presence of Cannabis and cocaine from your hair sample.

Flushing is one method of passing a drug hair test but the procedure is generally hard for hair samples, and even those who use it for urine drug test may likely arouse the suspicion of the testers because their urine becomes colourless. In hair testing, flushing can be done over a long period of time and it is often advisable to stop using drugs while you flush your system prior to hair drug test

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