Friday, September 09, 2011

Pass Hair Drug Test Tips

Just like other toxins, drug metabolite s will grow in your hair shafts, the inner hair shafts which are known as cortex will harbor drug metabolites and from the cortex they will get into the hair strands. The drug metabolites are pushed into the hair cortex as their hair grows and they look like shingles around the cortex. The cortex is quite hard to penetrate but the drug hair test can still be performed using the outer part of the cortex.

Ways to Pass Hair Drug Test

One of the ways to pass hair drug test is the use of super-cleansing agent, one of these cleansing agent is referred to as the “Formulated precision cleanse”. A super cleanse does not only rinse off your hair , but will do so in a systematic way that will ensure that there is a minimal residue of the metabolite which will be too small to be detected. If you are looking for ways to pass hair drug test without giving any room of suspicion, try and make use of a precision cleansing agent, this super cleansing agent has been found to offer a 98% success rate against the detection of THC, and 89% against the detection of opiates, meth, and cocaine.

A precision or super cleansing agent will not offer you a 100% non detection of drugs but it is designed to offer at least 90% of success rate. It is designed for short-head hairs, and it is capable of permanently cleansing the hair shaft. This product will take an approximately 1 hour to complete its detoxification of the hair, and it is probably the most effective product if you are looking for ways to pass hair drug test with relative ease.

There is another precision cleansing which is designed for both larger and shorter hairs, they work similarly to the short hair precision hair cleansers and they can remove all drug metabolites or toxins within 1 hour of application. Precision cleansers are much more better than ordinary hair shampoos which often have around 50-60% success rate, which means drug metabolites can still be detected.

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