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7 Tips for Effectively Introducing New Warehouse Technology

Implementing new warehouse technology is vital for business growth. Of course, with any kind of growth, there are growing pains. But when properly implemented, new technology such as forklift connectivity can create long-term benefits that outweigh the challenges of the new responsibilities and procedures that accompany it. How you approach the implementation of warehouse technology can have a significant impact on the satisfaction, safety and productivity of your supply chain workforce. When anticipated and appropriately managed, the initial reactions some workers may have to such changes can be reduced and eventually eliminated as they gain an understanding of the technology’s value to their jobs and the business. Consider these seven tips to help you ensure a smooth transition: 1. Don’t Make Technology Decisions in a Vacuum Too often, technology decisions are made without input from those who will interact with it on a daily basis. Consider input from employees who are in a
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Using Auto Circuit Breakers Instead Blowing Fuse In Old Property to Reduce The Risk of Fire

Here’s a prime example. The first photo is a fuse box found in a Southeast Michigan property. Fuse boxes are most commonly found in homes build before the 1970s. More recently, and often, you will see circuit breakers in your electrical panel. This is shown in the second photo, also found in Southeast Michigan. You may have heard the phrase, ‘I blew a fuse’. Whether it’s your car, your house, or yourself (for some of us), a fuse blows when there is too much (current, measured in Amps) demand on a circuit and it (melts) blows. This disconnects the circuit. A noise is typically associated as that’s what you can hear when a fuse blows. Once a fuse blows, it has to be replaced. Luckily fuses are cheap and they protect your expensive alliances from blowing instead As society has gravitated towards using more and more electricity to power laundry/kitchen appliances, TVs, gaming systems, toys, etc.. fuse boxes haven’t been able to keep up with the demand (Amps required to run those d

ZN85-40.5 Series Indoor High-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The ZN85-40.5 series indoor high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, rated voltage 40.5kV power system. It can be used for switching load current, overload current and fault current in industrial and mining enterprises, power plants and substations. The circuit breaker and the operating mechanism are arranged up and down, which effectively reduces the depth of the circuit breaker. The three-phase arc extinguishing chamber and the connected charged body are separated by three independent epoxy resin insulation cylinders to form a composite insulation structure. The circuit breaker meets the requirements of air distance like this and creepage distance under normal operating conditions, and effectively reduces the volume of the device.